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My name is Randy Cain and on this website I will certainly do my best to walk you through the bail process and explain the bonding system. Either you or a loved one must have been arrested not long ago. At this time anxieties are very high and you just want to determine how to get your family member back home asap. By finding this page you have made the very first step to getting your loved ones back home with you as soon as today.

When a loved one is detained for a felony, a court sets the bail amount based the severity of the criminal offense and the past criminal background of the defendant. If the charged, or their family, is not able to pay for the full bail amount they will continue to be in the jail until their arranged court date. This is a serious issue for a lot of people that get jailed. Most individuals frequently have a job and household obligations, and being in jail for almost any extended amount of time could bring hardships.

Individuals who experience themselves in this scenario will need to have a bondsman arrange bail for them so they may be discharged from jail quickly. Choosing a bail bondsman ahead of time is among the most sensible steps you can take. When you’re under significant pressure and tension, the last thing you wish to do is make the wrong decision.

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You are not the only one. Here is a list of the most popular reasons for incarceration in The United States.

Family and Children Crime – Sex Offenses – Prostitution – Rape
Weapons – GamblingDrug Abuse Offenses – Possession – Distributing – Use In Public
D.U.I. – Intoxication – Liquor Laws – Possession
Disorderly Conduct – Curfew – Loitering – Runaways – Vagrancy
Violent Crime – Assault – Murder – ManslaughterBurglary – Robbery – Fraud – Forgery – Counterfeiting – Embezzlement

Each one of these crimes carry assorted bond recommendations. A number of these are considered straightforward to handle from a legal standpoint. For a number of these cases retaining a bail bondsman and a lawyer might be the only steps you will need to take. The only way to know if your case is serious is to speak to a reliable bondsman or attorney licensed by the state to aid you in these matters.

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Call Today (580) 467 1000 or (580) 467 5909

Serving Stephens, Grady, and Commanche Counties in Oklahoma

Although each bail bondsman essentially provide the same service, you’ll figure out there are elements that will likely help you identify quickly whether you selected a great company or perhaps an awful one. The very first detail is the time required to act. You need to hire a first-class bail bondsman that has your interests in mind. Your family member doesn’t want to stay locked up any longer than required.
Here’s a break down of how easy bail bonds work. Bonds amounts vary greatly depending on the severity of the crime you or your loved one has been charged of. Let’s use a situation of a $15,000 bond determined by the court. A bail bondsman traditionally requires 10% of the bond amount. In some cases there are minimal administrative fees as well. You will partner with Marlow Oklahoma’s best bail bondsman to pledge collateral in the whole amount of the bond. You will be required to pay the 10% in cash, cashier’s check, money order, or some other form of payment you and the bondsman agree to.

The bondsman will then make arrangements with the court and the jail to get you or your loved one discharged from jail as soon as possible. A great deal of times this could be arranged the same day as you pay the 10% to the bail bondsman. The bondsman pledges to the court that the accused person will show to their upcoming court date. When the court and jail consent to this, you or your loved one will be discharged.

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Call Today (580) 467 1000 or (580) 467 5909

Serving Stephens, Grady, and Commanche Counties in Oklahoma

The bail bondsman usually prefers you to phone once a week to check in with them just to make sure that everything is still going good for you. This is an ideal time for you to ask the bondsman for endorsements. Since they work with the attorneys, judges, and the local court constantly; they normally have a good referral for an attorney for your specific style of trial.

Some defendants make the decision to try to skip their court dates. When this happens, the court typically issues an arrest warrant for failure to appear in court. Now the bondsman is notified and must try to find you and turn you back over to the court or jail. Skipping court takes a bail bondsman that was on your side helping you live a normal life waiting for your court date and makes him have to start tracking you down. This is the part of the service that most bondsman don’t have fun with. They have put up the total amount for you to be discharged from jail. They will need to find you and turn you back over to the court so they will not be charged.